The Changing Painting Series: Chromatic 12-Set

2016 - 2017

Water-dispersed pigment on canvas

12 panels

Each Panel: 5-1/2 x 47-1/2 inches

Overall dimensions variable

Each painting in the Changing Painting series is a “set” composed of any number of units, in this case 12. These units are arranged to create “the image”. The number of units in each set determines the possible compositions/ forms/ image. The alignment of the units should be such that either the X, Y, or Z axis is either horizontal or vertical. Each unit has a “positive” and “negative” side (i.e. Orange or Blue) so as to allow for complimentary or contrasting alignments. Thus all forms can be inverted, or changed, in situ.

The painting can be site specific. Depending on the installation site, it can conform to, or reflect, its environment.

The Painting can be changed for the Occasion

The Painting can reflect the Current